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As a grain of Africa has caught on all over the world

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Every people has made it a tradition, giving rise to a now ancient globalization of pleasure. The most famous, classic, tasty, exciting and socializing most consumed beverage in the world in the West and the Middle East originated in the south-west of Ethiopia called Kaffa properly, where the local people realized that these shrubs or small trees growing spontaneous producing beautiful flowers that they became beautiful fruits in clusters as if they were small cherry red ruby. The natives, attracted by the color and shape proved to taste those fruits, but they were too sweetish, myeloma and kneaded the mouth, one day, however, a young pastor burning some branches of this shrub, with dried fruits now felt that these emanated a strong fragrant aroma and almost intoxicating; out of curiosity she tried to chew some seeds roasted and savored a taste strange but pleasant. The step that led to the trial of the infusion was very short and it was a real discovery because the locals quickly realized that this “magic” drink was able to dispel the sad thoughts like fog to sole.Dall’Etiopia in the fifteenth century coffee It was imported in Arabia, spread quickly and he made much use even in Mecca almost substitute wine (forbidden by the Prophet Muhammad by the will of Allah).

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Towards the end of 1600 he came to Europe and the first seedling was planted in the botanical garden of Paris with excellent results in a short time had a resounding success in the mainland and in Italy more than anywhere else. Almost simultaneously to the work of a Dutch navigator it occurred disclosure of cultivation in the countries of south-central: Martinique, Santo Domingo, Cuba, to India, Indonesia, Colombia, Brazil that it is still the biggest coffee producer in the world.